reasons to buy silver jewellery over gold or base metals

Wondering why you should choose to buy silver jewellery?

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high quality sterling silver jewellery


High quality making – As silver is a soft precious metal like gold, it provides great ability to designers & manufacturers to design complex silver jewellery and execute those designs in high quality making & finish with greater detail. Base metal jewellery does not offer the same quality of finish or making that sterling silver jewellery does.

Large Variety in designs – Good designers will always choose to work with silver over base metals as they can provide superior quality with 925 silver jewellery. The softness of silver allows master craftsman to work silver by hand, which allows designers to experiment with largevariety of limited quantity designs. Therefore a large variety of latest designs, including limited edition silver jewellery, are always available in silver jewellery.

handmade silver jewellery made by mastercraftsmanAffordability – Silver is a precious metal, like Gold. However unlike gold jewellery, you can buy silver jewellery more often and according to the latest trends & fashion or your current needs. You dont need to think about it!

Health-wise safe – Unlike base metal jewellery which uses metals like Zinc, Nikel, Brass etc. which can cause allergies, skin irritations or other health issues to the wearer, sterling silver jewellery is safe. In fact, silver is now being used to make anti-microbial dressings for hospitals and in sports wear like socks! NOTE: Always look for silver quality marking when you buy silver jewellery, or inquire about it if you are concerned.

vintage silver jewellery which can be collected

Risk free – We live in an un-safe world where chain snatching & thefts are not uncommon. Small jewellery can also get lost or left behind during vacations. You will always feel risk free if you are wearing silver jewellery on your outings or carrying it when you are travelling.

Start a collection – Silver is a fairly inert metal and lasts a lifetime (several generations even). Just like yesterday’s vintage silver jewellery is no longer made today and has become rare & collectible, today’s latest silver jewellery designs will also not be available tomorrow. So collect for its love & beauty today, and who knows it might become a valuable asset for you children & children’s children!


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