Mostly .925 or 92.5% purity silver jewellery, also known as Sterling silver. In the case of vintage jewellery however, silver quality would be less than .925. In India, vintage silver jewellery was rarely made in quality higher than 90%. The silver quality used for each product is mentioned on each product page.

Some products can be additionally Rhodium platted to make them tarnish resistant. We only use high-quality Nickel free rhodium.

We also have Gold platted silver jewellery. We use heavy micron gold platting so as to make the gold plating last for as long as possible. Most items are further coated with a process known as e-coating. e-coating a gold plated item significantly increases the life of the gold plating and prevents tarnishing of the plating.

Unless otherwise mentioned on the product page, all gem stones used are absolutely real and of high quality.

All pieces of jewelry, particularly those in silver and gold, are delicate. They need to be handled with care. All care should be taken so as to avoid any impact, which can cause scratches, dents etc or cause the stones to become loose and / or fall or crack, break etc.

Silver, unless mentioned in the product description, as “Tarnish resistant”, will oxidize with time at varying speeds depending on storage, climate, pollution, sweat characteristics of the wearer, frequency or usage. This is a natural process and cannot be avoided. Jewelry should be stored in cool dry place avoiding humidity, moisture, pollution or extreme temperatures to prolong condition. Silver can be polished by gentle rubbing with a silver cleaning cloth.

Jewelry should be stored in high quality storage boxes. Avoid low quality boxes which can give off chemical vapours slowly over their lifetime to darken the jewelry. Even better, store in zip lock bags. This will slow down the tarnishing and will make the brightness of metal last longer. Gently wipe with a soft clean cloth after wearing and before storage, especially if the jewelry was exposed to sweat.

Jewelry should not be worn while taking a bath or swimming or exposed to chemicals like chlorinated water, soaps, perfumes, kitchen residues like juices etc. Such chemicals can cause damage / dullness to metal, damage integrity of links and settings of stones, and also cause chemical damage including color change of stones, plating, metal or enamel.

Tarnish resistant – some items on the website would be characterized as Tarnish resistant. These items are rhodium plated (nickel free), and therefore the silver does not tarnish over a long period. However, in this case while the tarnishing characteristic of silver can be resisted, it cannot be fully avoided. Over months or years of wearing the jewelry (depending on frequency of use) the resistant coating will get worn-off, and silver will slowly start to tarnish. These items must not be washed or polished at any time as this will damage the resistant coating even faster.

Gold platted – some items on the website would be charectierized “Gold plated” as these have been platted (not polished) with 22k gold in a process known as heavy micron gold plating (refer here, we use process 1 mentioned here). Heavy micron gold platting is a process to deposit real gold on the surface of the item to a significant thickness. This provides the item a look of real gold and also resists tarnishing. However like Tarnish resistant products above, Over months or years of wearing the jewellery (depending on frequency of use) the resistant coating will get worn-off, and silver will slowly start to tarnish. These items must not be washed or polished at any time. In rare cases, the gold plating can start to tarnish due to high chlorine content in the wearer’s sweat. Silvorna shall not be held responsible for the same as this is an unforeseeable event. The products shall not be accepted for return in such cases. The products however, can be re-platted for a nominal cost. You can contact us at customercare@silvorna.com to request assistance.

Please read our Jewellery Sizing sections here.

Browse & Add products to your shopping cart > Once all products have been added, Click on shopping cart icon in top right corner to view cart > click Proceed to checkout > Enter your contact details, check Agree to Terms and click Verify Phone number > we will verify your phone number by an OTP > Done! You will receive confirmation of your order by SMS and Order details by Email (if you have provided the same).

After placing of order and successfull payment (or COD), the Order Status in My Account Panel will be shown as “Processing”. Once we ship the order, order status will change to “Shipped”. This change in order status will be notified by SMS or Email (if provided).

No, you are not required to create and account to place an order. However, we strongly recommend registering as this will allow you to access your order details and Status at any time and also make changes or cancel your order, view your previous order details etc.

You can easily register at the time of checkout by checking the checkbox for Create an Account?

If you have created an account with Silvorna.com, then you can go to the My Account Page > Orders. In front of the order, you will see a Cancel button. Clicking this button will cancel the order, the order status will change to “Cancellation requested”. We will review the request and Cancel the order. The order status will be changed to “Cancelled”. You can only cancel an order before it has been shipped. After the order has been shipped you cannot cancel the order from the My Account panel. You can however still request Return & Refund for the order. You will receive Cancellation Request notification by SMS and Email (if provided).

Partial orders cannot be cancelled. You you want to cancel some of the items on the order, then you will have to cancel the entire order and then re-order those items which you want to order.

First, DONT WORRY!! We assure that your order and money are both safe.

In case, the payment was declined or something else went wrong and you card was not charged, then please go back to My Account > Orders panel. Here you will see the order with order status “Failed” or “Pending Payment”. A make payment option will be there in-front of the order, which you can you to try to make payment again. This order will no longer be visible in the shopping cart.

On the rare occassion, your card was charged, but the system does not reflect successful payment (order status “Processing”), then you need to contact us by email on customercare@silvorna.com with your order details, date and time of transaction details (Also your personal / card holders details in case you do not have an account with us). We will resolve the issue with the payment gateway and get back to you.

We make our best efforts to ensure that your order is shipped out by the seller within 2-3 working days of the order date and delivered within 5-6 days from date of order. However in some cases, it may take longer, upto 5 or more working days, to ship the order as the product may have to be produced by the seller where there is a heavy demand. Read our detailed shipping policy here.

Once the order has been shipped, you will receive notification of the same by SMS and Email (if provided). The tracking details will be available on your My Account panel > Orders > View (for the particular order) – the details will be updated on this page.

Yes, absolutely! and you are not required to disclose why you want to return (unless you want to – we always welcome feedback, positive or negative!). We are one of the few e-commerce websites which offer return on precious metal (silver) jewellery without questions.

You are required to request returns within 48 hours of receipt of the items by email on customercare@silvorna.com and returns are subject to approval. As these are precious metal items of delicate nature, our return approval guidelines are in place to only and only check if the items are being returned in unused, undamaged conditions with tag. For full details and steps to returning an item and obtaining a refund please read here.

Once return has been approved, the order status will change to “Return Approved” and we will initiate the reverse pickup.

Once we receive the items at Silvorna, we will inspect the item and issue refund. The refund is issued within 24 hours of our receiving the items, however based on the processing times of your bank or card, the refund may take 2-3 working days to reflect in your account. For more detailed information on refunds, please read here.

Once the items are received, the Order status will change to “Return received”, followed by “Refunded” once payment has been made from our end. In case of any issues you can always contact us at customercare@silvorna.com.

In order to bring the best price point to our customers, we are simple with our packaging. All orders will be shipped in a velvet / cotton pouch secured in a hard-case cardborad or plastic box. While our pouches are nice, if you intend to use the items for gifting, you can also add gift packaging to your purchase order. Various gift packaging boxes are available as per your requirement. You can view these packing options here.

Yes! However, if you are an international customer, you should not make a purchase via the online checkout & payment system as we do not have international shipping rates integrated into our checkout system as yet. Please contact us via email or jivochat (available on the specific product pages) with the product details you would like to purchase, and we will provide international shipping costs to you. If agreeable, then you can place the order by bank transfer to our bank account. You may contact us by email at customercare@silvorna.com.

Internationally shipped orders however, due to legal reasons, currently cannot be returned.

For any questions or feedback, please email us at customercare@silvorna.com. We will get back to you asap.

COD is currently available in most pincodes of: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Indore. A message will be shown on sign-in to indicate if COD is available on your address.

In case you are making a purchase without sign-in or fill out a different delivery address, then option for COD payment will automatically appear after you fill-up your address. If COD payment option remains deactivated, then COD is not available in your area.

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